Teams Capabilities and Team Merging

A Team in HelioScope can automatically share Projects, Profiles, Privately Uploaded Components, Financial Models, Utility Rates, Report Templates, and Weather Files on the Team. As a note, the people on your Subscription (users with the same method of payment and Billing Cycle) can be different from your HelioScope Team.

See who is on your Team by clicking on this link: Team Page Link

Team Admin: Team Admins can set the Team Name, Team Theme, and Share Projects with others. On their Team Page Link, they can also decide if everyone on their Team shares Projects automatically or not, set Weather File preferences, and add/remove other Team Admins.

Adding User vs. Merging a Team: 

A HelioScope user can be added to a Team or all members of a Team into your Team. 

Merging Teams

 Add user to a team

  • Moves a user's to a new Team.
  • Does not move user's Projects and Team Settings over.
  • Rarely used feature. A potential use case is when an employee shifts to a new Team in a different geographic location within the same company.
  • Does not affect subscription status.

Reach out to or the chat function to Add a User to a Team or merge two Teams together.