Aurora Merger FAQs

Since the early days of Folsom Labs, our goal has been to supercharge the growth of the solar industry by offering powerful software tools to empower solar developers around the world. 

As we consider how best to position our product and customers for the next chapter of the industry’s growth, we have decided that the best path is to team up with Aurora Solar. So we are excited to announce that Aurora Solar has acquired Folsom Labs. We’re delighted to join a team that shares our vision for the future of the solar industry, and our commitment to customers. 



  • What happens to my HelioScope account? 
    • You can continue to use your HelioScope account as before - in the short term, there are no changes to HelioScope at all. In the longer term, we expect a lot of great new features to be rolled out, so stay tuned! 
  • Will pricing or billing change? 
    • There are no changes to pricing or billing for HelioScope. Monthly or annual subscriptions will continue renewing as normal. 
  • As a HelioScope customer, do I now also get access to Aurora's software?
    • The license/access models for both HelioScope and/or Aurora remain the same as they were before the merger, so if you had purchased just one license, then you still have access to that one product. However, a number of solar developers use both HelioScope and Aurora in combination. You can visit Demo - Aurora Solar to sign up for a demo and trial account with Aurora.
  • I use both programs already, can I get a discount?
    • Unfortunately, no. Both programs are already a great value, and are geared toward different use cases and applications. So there aren’t any plans for bundle-pricing discounts. 
  • Is my data safe? Are there any changes to the Terms of Service? 


  • Who can I contact for support?
  • If I have both accounts, can I just talk to / email one point person for support?
    • Both products are fairly technically demanding - and as such, for now, you will continue to talk to the separate support teams for questions related to each product.
  • Will I continue to have access to chat support?
    • Yes, you will still have access to chat and all of the support that you know and love.
  • Will HelioScope continue to support customers outside of the United States?
    • Yes, we will continue to support all of our customers across the globe.